Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Upstairs Update

Why am I busy in the summer?  What the crap?

I want an entire week of nothing to do.  I don't think it's going to happen!  Seriously.

Anywho, I need to show you the upstairs.  Remember the last time you saw my guest bathroom?  It had been re-done from this:

to this:

And I was so proud of myself.  I mean, it's pretty awesome.  Well, I was at Target with my friend Meghan recently and found this awesome shower curtain on clearance.  I thought I would buy it and make pillows or curtains with it.  Sounded like a great idea.  And she said "Well, your guest bathroom kind of has blue in it.  You should put it in there".  So I tried it.  And I am in love:

I also got one of those squishy bath mats.  It's also pretty cool.  And it's machine washable, or else I would not have bought white! 

My bedroom looks somewhat familiar to last time:


Okay maybe not exactly.  I already had those things about the bed from our other house.  Those are placeholders for now.  I got this beautiful duvet from HomeGoods.  I have been wanting a white ruffle duvet for a long time and I found it on CLEARANCE on my FIRST trip to HomeGoods.  YEAH!  And do you see the picture poking out from the right?

This is a giant canvas oil painting that I bought for Josh for Christmas.  It was on the boardwalk in one of our favorite Ocean City boardwalk stores called the Ocean Gallery.  He mentioned that he loved it last fall, so I went and bought it.

So very pretty.  Even I like it a lot.  And the random paint samples on the wall are just from me testing out wall colors.  I still want gray, but I don't want it to be too dark.  I won't sleep in a dungeon.  And I didn't like any of those colors.  Still looking...

Hmm... Why is Josh's bedside table pushed up against the bed?  What is right beside it?

A dog crate!!!!  Yep.  Can't believe I did it.  But I love my husband.  We got a dog.  And I'll admit, he's pretty sweet.

His name is Cooper, after my favorite car, the Mini Cooper.  

I had a few stipulations.  I am getting a chair at IKEA this weekend.  And I wouldn't get rid of anything white in my house.  Like my bedspread or pillows or whatnot.  If we got a dog, he had to live in our house just as it was.  And we had to make it work.  And it's working.  So far.  But he really is precious.  We chose him because he was really easy going.  He lets you pick him up, play with him, touch his paws and face, etc.  So far, so good!

Back to the upstairs.  The office is mess.  It's the worst room to keep clean in this house.  I don't know why I try.  But I have big plans!  Here is what it looked like last time:

And now:

Okay, so that side is not so bad.  And I finished the picture gallery!!!  I still love it a whole lot and I have been swapping artwork occasionally (which was my goal).  I will show you the art another time.

But it does look good.  And I have been looking for a globe for a long time. I found that one on craigslist last week for $10 and couldn't pass it up!  Although, this side of the room is looking pretty crappy.  Don't tell anyone that I let it get this bad...

I will fix it soon.  On to the guest bedroom.  My current favorite.  Last time you saw it:

Here were my goals that I listed for this room in September:
  • Paint this room in a bold color.  Just for fun.
  • Purchase new bedding for goodness sake so you don't feel like you are sleeping in mud.  (What was I thinking when I bought that bedspread?!)
  • Add fun, bold, colorful decorations.
So, how do you think I did?

I bought the photo on  It is an xray of a plant in the wind.  Pretty sweet.  The new duvet is just plain white (just how I like 'em) and the new sheets and pillowcases are from Ollie's (and they feel like silk even though they were $11).

The lamp is from Target and in the planter are two cacti(sp?)  and another succulent.  I put a boy's and a girl's book under the lamp for guests :-)  E.S.P.N. and Oprah's Guide to Life.

^^This is your view when you walk into the room.  Our keyboard across from the bed and the flowers in the corner are actually from our wedding.  We just put them in a sweet huge vase that we bought at Pier One.

Even though this picture is slightly blurry, it best captures the color of the room (in my opinion).

There you have it.  Our upstairs.  I think we have done pretty good over the last year.  But we still have a LONG way to go. Hopefully I will post a "to-do" list on here pretty soon.  It helps to keep me accountable and remember all the stuff I wanted to do!  

Have a happy weekend :-)