Monday, September 19, 2011

An Updated Ironing Board and Our Messy Pantry

On Saturday, the WVU game was on and while Josh and his parents were at a sports bar watching the game, I was at Home Depot picking up paint chips and Marshall's looking for who-knows-what.  I left Home Depot with a ton of paint chips (one of which we actually like) and left Marshall's with an awesome mirror (updates on that later) and a sa-weeeet new ironing board cover.

The ironing board that we currently have is as old as dirt.  That's something my grandfather would have said.  But seriously, it is.  Josh's mom gave it to us about a year ago when she bought a new one.  It was so old and to be honest, pretty ugly, so she didn't mind getting rid of it.  However, she was shocked to find that her new ironing board, which was made of plastic, was wayyy less sturdy and definitely not made well.  This ironing board is practically made of steel!


Yeah, it's big.  And heavy.  And old.  And ugly.  But it works like a charm! I found out this weekend while Josh's mom was visiting that it was actually HER mom's ironing board first.  So, this thing is probably older than me.  And I'm pretty sure that the fabric is original.

So, I found the ironing board cover I liked best at Marshall's, purchased it for $9.99, and got inspired.  I couldn't leave those green legs, though, right?  So I decided to spray paint them.  I took the old cover off, threw it in the trash, flipped it upside down, and went to town.

I flipped it because it would be easier to paint the legs this way, and I ended up painting the underside of the board as well.  It went from that puke-green to this beautiful, clean white:

I had to paint in the garage because it was raining.  And I had to do it immediately after I got home, rain or shine, because I was so excited.  I know, it's the little things.

I let it dry/cure for about 24 hours and then brought it inside, put the new cover on and our ironing board went from this:


to this:

Ahhhh... feels so much better.  And I love the pretty cover.

And I put it back in our very cramped pantry/laundry room.  

I LOVED this room when we first moved.  It was right off the kitchen with easy access.  I had never had a pantry before, so I was psyched to put our dry goods somewhere else than the cupboards.  And the laundry room was in a convenient, but out of sight place.  But guess what?  The door doesn't even close because the washer and dryer are too big.  Darn.  So it's always open, like this:

See all of those appliances and things at the top?  I am happy to have them out of the way and nothing on my kitchen counters, but I am sad to be looking at them all the time.  I am thinking of putting something over that area, like maybe a curtain or bamboo blinds or something.  And our pantry is very big and happy on the opposite side of the washer and dryer:

Since the door to this room doesn't shut, Josh and I were thinking of putting a different kind of door there, but lately I have been thinking that a really long, subtle curtain would look good, too.  We will see.  So there you have it.  Our updated ironing board and our messy pantry.  Have a beautiful Monday!

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