Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Things that have been on my mind:
  1. Chorus went great today.  It was our first rehearsal and the kids had fun.  Not to mention that they are pretty good!
  2. My ankle still hurts.
  3. Josh's parents are coming to visit this weekend.
  4. Tomorrow I am going to pick out teal paint chips for our living room! :-)
  5. My grad school paper this semester is going to be the jam (updates on that later).
  6. I really want to go to Ikea.  I have never been to one but I have to wait until I save up a load of money because I know I'm not walking out of there empty handed.
  7. A teacher from my friend's school in Salisbury was missing for a few days.  Her body was found on Sunday.  They think her husband did it because he committed suicide a day or two after reporting her missing.  Scary stuff, dude.
  8. I am teaching mellophone lessons.  Yes, I know the mellophone sucks and I have always hated it, but a local band director is paying me 50 bucks an hour to teach private lessons.  So, yeah, I'll be doing that.
  9. My after school program starts next week, so I will be at school from 8a-6p instead of 8a-4p.  Yuck.
  10. I spent the better part of my weekend painting.  Updates on that later!
  11. A friend of mine recommended that I start "Tasty Tuesday" on my blog where I post a favorite recipe every Tuesday.  I was going to start today, but... life got the best of me.
  12. I have been eating too much pasta.  Why do I like it so much?


  1. I've always wanted to go to Ikea too...It would probably be like a kid in a candy store!

  2. We have had pasta every night this week. I am craving it for some reason!!!