Friday, March 12, 2010

My Name Is...

In honor of my sister's 21st birthday on Sunday: our favorite poem from when we were little.  We would sit in our room at night and read and re-read this poem and giggle for hours... or until our mom would come up and yell at us for not being asleep.

My name is Sluggery-wuggery
My name is Worms-for-tea
My name is Swallow-the-table-leg
My name is Drink-the-sea
My name is I-eat-saucepans
My name is I-like-snails
My name is Grand-piano-George
My name is I-ride-whales
My name is Jump-the-chimney
MY name is Bite-my-knee
My name is Jiggery-pokery
And Riddle-me-ree,
and ME.
---Pauline Clarke

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