Sunday, March 14, 2010


This weekend Josh and I traveled to Cumberland to attend my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary party. We had no idea what we were in for. I knew that it was going to be planned well, but it was amazing! There were about 100 people there, beautiful candle centerpieces, a 3-tiered cake, waiters, great food, and tons more. Each of their 6 children gave a little speech, which was really nice. My dad catered the entire thing by himself! WOW-EE. They ended their evening by renewing their vows.

This morning we went with my cousin, Luci, to pick out a flower girl dress for her. She was so excited to buy a new dress. It is so beautiful, too. Poofy white dress with red flowers on it... soo cute.

Josh and I are going to a MICHAEL BUBLE concert in Pittsburgh in 3 days!!! We are so excited. It was our Christmas gift from Josh's parents... such a great idea. We are leaving after school on Wed. afternoon and seeing the concert that evening, which happens to be St. Patrick's Day. We probably won't get home until the middle of the night and I have to be at work on Thursday morning. Yeah, Thursday might be a rough day this week! But I am soooo excited to see him. He is one of my very favorite artists of all time.

This coming weekend I am finally having my jewelry party. I am really excited to do that and get some free jewelry! It is all so beautiful. I never used to be a fan of jewelry. I would find one necklace and one pair of simple earrings that I really liked and I would wear them everyday. Now I am excited every day to pick out jewelry to match my outfit! So I hope lots of people are able to come to the party.

Yes, that is the extent of our very exciting life.

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