Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Josh and I have a busy week. And it's my Spring Break week. Ugh.

Josh's Birthday is tomorrow, but we are celebrating today :-) He is on his way home from work now. I have his birthday gifts on the living room floor waiting for him! I got him really nice manly heavy beer mugs. He really wants them! And both of Ron White's books. I didn't even know he wrote books... whatever. That's what the kid wanted.

Tomorrow Josh works all day, then we are going to Cumberland to get my wedding gown altered. WOO-HOO. Thursday we are going to meet with our pastor for our pre-marital class and then I am meeting with some friends and family to discuss bridal shower plans. THEN we have a meeting with the people form our reception hall to finalize plans.

Friday we have a second interview in Washington County!!!!!! I can't wait :-) I actually get really excited about interviewing now! Never thought I would say it.

Then we are headed to York for a few days to visit and watch the Mountaineers in the Final Four.

On Sunday, we are going to Cumberland for Easter with my family. Then back home... and my Spring break is over :-(

I can tell that time will fly fast. Boo-hoo.

But only 89 days til the wedding!

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