Wednesday, March 24, 2010


An exciting couple of days for us!

Today, immediately after school (which will be in about 30 min), Josh and I are driving the 4 hours to York, PA for a job fair.

We should get there by 7:30 or 8. We are stopping by to see friends who are having a baby in about a week... so that's exciting. I can't wait to see the nursery!

Then we are headed to his parent's house for the evening.

In the morning, we are going to Millersville for a job fair. There are going to be about 30 counties and districts there that we are interested in. I can't wait to meet people! Which is SO unlike me. Ever since I have become a teacher I feel like I am so much more outgoing. Usually at places with lots of people, I sit around and wait for people to talk to me. NOW--I can't wait to go just so I can talk to people! Even if they don't have any job openings for us, I still really want to talk to people!

Hopefully we will meet some people and get those resumes out there!

Then we are making the trek about to Morgantown tomorrow evening. But we are stopping in Cumberland to watch the WVU game with my family.

We probably won't get back until 11pm or later... and then I have to go to school on Friday morning!

BUT... Don't worry. It will all be worth it. Because Friday at 3:45pm starts my spring break!!! 9 whole days of no school and no waking up early.

Now let's just pray for good weather :-)

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