Thursday, September 15, 2011

Before and Not-So-After: Office!

I haven't shown a picture of our upstairs third bedroom/office yet.  (And I only use the words "third bedroom" because when we have more than a few guests, we blow up the air mattress in the office).  Part of the reason why I haven't shown you the office is because we have essentially neglected it.  We threw a bunch of stuff in there and only use that room when Josh is working on chorus/piano/guitar stuff for school or when I am blogging or doing grad school work.  It also happens to be the tiniest room in the house, so it is difficult to photograph. Well, that and our camera is no longer "fancy".  It's on the list of things to buy when we win the lottery.  Anywho. Without further ado, I present the most embarrassing room in my house:

Ok, so it's not that bad, right?  It's just a wreck.  That is an old, old computer chair that is literally falling apart at the seams.  And what about that $20 Wal-Mart excuse of a desk, you ask?  Well I bought it for college in 2006 mainly because it hid my cords and wires so well.

Ouch.  That is very disturbing to a very organized person (me).  We also have a random assortment of instruments and junk in this room, like a horn and a mallet bag...

And an electric guitar, a guitar case, a guitar stand, a synthesizer, a box to a keyboard case, the keyboard case, two speakers, and two amplifiers...

Slowly but surely we are going to clean this mess up and make it look and feel like an organized space to work and study and play music.  Oh!  And I bet you were wondering why I don't just put all this stuff in the closet.  It's because the closet looks like this:

Yeah, it's a mess.  The short-term goals are:
  1. Purchase a new desk.
  2. Paint a bookshelf or two that we have and put them in the room for storage for books and other things.  
  3. Get rid of that ugly black filing cabinet by either purchasing a pretty one or permanently moving it to the closet.
  4. Get some awesome lamps.
  5. Paint.
Long-term goals:
  1. Create a space with TONS of organized storage.
  2. Find a way to creatively make the smallest room in our house feel much larger.
  3. Replace the stupid old giant office chair that I am sitting on to something more modern and MUCH smaller.
And SUPER-DUPER Long-term goals:
  1. Ditch the whole office and make it a nursery.
I have been doing a lot of thinking about the mood I want to create in the office.  I want it to feel open and organized and clean and full of light.  That's about it.  I am most productive and efficient in that kind of environment and since this room is where I will literally earn my master's degree, I think that's pretty important.  Now that I mention it, I think I might move this room up on the list of needs-to-be-done.  

I did find some amazing inspiration photos that I will share.  For some reason, I am really into white, ivory, light yellows, light pinks, and light purples.  They feel the cleanest and freshest to me. Maybe a little teal, too, because who could go wrong with teal?

This is WAY too girly, but I like the white furniture, clean lines, and magazine racks.

And my all-time favorite:
I love the simple white desk, the ivory and pale pink storage, the light purple chair, the braided bamboo baskets, the yellow walls and the white lamp.  If I could have this room, I would in a heartbeat!
By the way, it's almost FRIDAY and it's PAY-DAY!!!!

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