Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Before and Not-So-After: Master Bedroom

[In a low and ominous voice] Our third "episode" in the Before and Not-So-After Series takes us to the master bedroom.  [End low and ominous voice].  Although we aren't awake long enough in this room to realize it, we actually spend nearly a third of our life in this room!  It should be personal, soothing, comforting, and peaceful.  Instead, this is what I see before I shut my eyes and as soon as I open them:

Yep, that's the wall opposite our bed.  We clearly need to do something in here.  This is what it looked like when we moved in (view from the door):

Things we like about this room:
  1. It's pretty big.
  2. It has 3 windows!
  3. It's connected to own master bath
  4. Our bedroom is on the opposite side of the house from the two other bedrooms
  5. Neutral color-dark beige
  6. Window blinds
Things we don't like:
  1. We can't figure out where to put the TV (more on that later).
  2. The windows face the backyard.  I would much rather them face the front (like the guest bedroom).

Short-Term Goals:
  1. Get night stands.  The small problem with this is that the windows are a little too far away from the bed.  And I would like the end tables to be centered under the windows (see pic below).  Our choices are: deal with it or buy a king sized bed.  Yeah, we'll deal with it.
  2. Either buy new lamps or spray paint some we already have and get new shades (haven't decided yet)
  3. Mount the TV--which is becoming harder than we ever thought (read more about that below)
  4. Hang the art that we already have.

In the long haul, we will need to purchase a new bedspread and sheets, buy or make a headboard, add more decorations to the walls, and possibly add more furniture (maybe a comfy chair?).  But those are on the back burner for now.  We want warmer colors upstairs.  The bedroom will probably include greens, light blues, yellows, and black furniture.  We would like a spa/candle feel going on.

There are a few problems concerning the TV.  First of all, we both agree that having a TV in our bedroom is not a good thing.  We are likely to watch it at night and less likely to read or talk OR SLEEP.  But we can't seem to get rid of it, so I guess it's staying.  Second issue:  the cable hook up is on the side of the room where we currently have our TV sitting on an old night stand.  See?

This isn't a huge problem, because if we really wanted our TV across from the bed mounted on the wall, we could always run the wire behind the walls.  The third (and most significant) problem is that we can't figure out where to mount it.  If we mount it across the room, we probably won't be able to see it very well because it will be so far away and our tired eyes won't be able to read any words on the screen.  But if we mount it on the side, we need a mount that can turn the angle of the TV to us.  And then if we choose the side, which side do we hang it on?!  I would really rather if it wasn't the first thing people saw as they walked into our room, but it may be the most realistic way to do it. 

Whoa.  I just had a huge debate with myself about a darn TV mount... phew.  Glad that's over.

Here are some of my inspiration for relaxing, cool bedrooms:

beautiful  bedroom

There are different things I like about each one, but overall:  I like blues, greens, tans, and black.  And I like simplicity.  But unfortunately, our bedroom is the only room that we don't have a "vision" for.  It's going to be one of those "Try it and see how it goes" kind of things, which makes me think that it will be put off for quite a while.  That's okay, though.  We have plenty of stuff to do.

On another note, today was Josh's first day of school.  He got the exciting news that he will be teaching math groups for one and a half hours per day this year.  Excellent! (NOT!)  But overall, he said it went well.  My second day was almost as awesome as my first.  The kids were mostly great, with the exception of a few boys who tried to test me.  They lost.

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