Monday, August 1, 2011

Green Monster!

In an attempt to eat healthier, I have been making "Green Monsters" for breakfast every morning.  I have been doing it for about a month now.  I used to eat oatmeal or cold cereal for breakfast but I got bored and got to reading about the green monster fad.

It's pretty easy and it tastes amazing and it's SUPER good for you so I thought I would share.  I've been meaning to get back into the swing of posting recipes since I have been trying a lot of new ones lately.

Green Monster:
  • ~8oz milk.  Sometimes I use skim, sometimes 1%, and I have even tried almond milk, which is very good for you and very pricey tasty.
  • ~1/2 c. original greek yogurt.  It's FULL of protein.  Don't taste it alone, though.  It's gross.
  • A handful or two of spinach.  Yeah, it sounds weird, but once it's blended up I promise the only remains will be the green color.  The flavor disappears.
  • Fruit!  My staple is blueberries and a banana.  Sometimes I add/substitute strawberries.  I have also tried raspberries, avocado, grapes, and even watermelon.  
  • Maybe peanut butter?  I really like putting natural peanut butter in it, but I don't always.  Depends on my mood.  Almond butter or sun butter would also be delicious.
  • Ice.  I always add ice because I like it super cold.
There you have it.  A nutritious and filling breakfast.  I wish I had discovered them last year during school because my lunch break was always really late and I was starving by the time my break rolled around.  These shakes keep me filled up for quite a while and they are super delicious.


  1. um...I'm stealing this too... :)

  2. Just found your blog on Weddingbee and I can't wait to go through some of your archives!

    This 'green monster's sounds pretty gross, lol, but I'll try anything once, haha. I'll get back to you with my final verdict when I taste it myself!

  3. I am following both of you now, too! Please try the green monster! You will be amazed :-)

  4. I'm doing a 2 week green breakfast challenge and agree that while it looks pretty odd, having spinach for breakfast is a good thing!!


  5. I absolutely LOVE making green monsters! I've never been brave enough to throw peanut butter in it though. Go you :p