Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can I Get a Flip Flop?

Remember how I talked about my flip flop dilemma here and here?  Well, the solution is finally 100% complete!  I added little ribbon jackets to the hangers I created using the tutorial I found.  They went from drab:

to FAB:

Please ignore the fact that I just said that.  Please. I gathered all of my materials from Michael's.  Officially the best store ever!

 I loved the springy-green feeling of this ribbon!

And although the tutorial originally used big buttons, I found these beauties at Michael's and couldn't resist.  Plus, in my control-Type-A-paranoid-perfect organized world, I could use a little randomness... but not too much:


After folding the ribbon around the hanger and fastening it with the ever-amazing glue dots...

...I cut off the excess and hot glue-ed the little buttons on.


I am quite pleased with the final product!

FYI--I have a feeling that this blog is going to turn into a home decoration kind of thing for a while, as I am really excited to be making our house a home... over time.  It's mostly so our families (and friends) can see the progress of our house from afar.  Enjoy :-)