Wednesday, July 20, 2011


...we have been the opposite of busy.  Remember how I said that even though it's summer, we have been just as busy as during the school year?  Yeah, well, that changed lately.  We are so bored.  Next summer we are definitely supplementing our income with summer jobs for sure.  I will admit, though, that I have been consistently busy with grad school work.

I could probably get by with doing less grad school work.  But, as you probably know if you are reading this, I am a perfectionist and cannot do anything "just a little".  If I stick to something, I will do my best.  So that has actually been nice because I am enjoying the work I am doing and I am doing great work for school and my future and I am keeping myself busy!  I am currently working on a very serious and large-scale project with a group of people in my program which I will explain at a later date.  I definitely want to show it off after we get some more work done.

I have also been working out really hard.  Mainly because I'm bored, but also because I am enjoying it and wanting to make some muscles :-)  My last Spring goal was to run a half marathon, which I did.  This Spring I would really like to try a sprint triathlon.  I really think I can do it, physically.  I will need lots of practice swimming, though, because I lack form and speed in that area.  In fact, if I had to do it today, I would certainly not drown, but I would definitely be doggy-paddling.  The only real concern I have is that this year is going to be a trying year in the financial department until we get used to making mortgage payments and budgeting other things.  In order to do a sprint triathlon, I would need a lot of "gear".  The most expensive being a bike!

This weekend my college roommate G is coming to visit and stay the weekend.  We only see each other once or twice per year, so obviously I am really excited to hang out with her :-)

Last thing: I have made a decision to eat at least one serving of fruit or vegetables with every single meal.  And I am going to drink more water and tea and less soda and beer/wine.  So far so good!

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