Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weeds and Weeding

Do you want to know the best part about living so close to the beach?  Waking up and saying, "Hey, Josh.  Want to go to Ocean City today?".  Next thing you know, you are in the car on your way!  We got to OC yesterday around 9:45am and it was already about 95 degrees outside.  Yeah, we only stayed until 1pm.  It was a beautiful day, just super super hot.  The heat index was actually about 110!!!!!!  We routinely applied sunscreen and jumped in the ocean to cool off.  It was a good time!

Do you watch Weeds?

It's a hilarious show on Showtime that incorporates some drama and weird humor.  It's all about weed... yes, marijuana.  And you don't have to be a pothead to enjoy this show.  I vouch for it!  It's addicting and hilarious.  You should definitely watch it...  What is that?  You don't have premium cable?  Oh, neither do I.  See, my friends, that is my next point.  You need Netflix.  I don't care if you don't want it, can't afford it, don't watch much TV or many movies.  You need it.  Josh and I got a free one-month trial the other day (which you can do, too!).  And after the first month, it is only $8 per month!  It's not all just about movies, either.  At the risk of sounding like a Netflix advertisement:  You can get one DVD at a time.  When you are finished, mail it back in (for free) and receive the next one a few days later... any movie or TV series you want.  In addition (and the reason we got it): you can stream an enormous amount of stuff on your computer, wii, xbox, etc.  We stream through our XBOX360.  That is how we have been able to watch nonstop episodes of Weeds from episode 1.  Seriously, think about it.

All of this weed has gotten me in the mood to do some garden work outside.  I have been weeding and gardening like crazy the last few days.  And if you know me, I am not the gardener-type.  I have no green thumb.  In fact, it looks more like this:
Yeah, I am Barney.
But I was mildly successful.  I will post updates about the garden situation later!

Tonight, Josh's friend from high school is coming to visit for a few days.  We plan to go to the beach and to Dogfish Head again to take him to the brewery tour and probably hit up the pub afterward.  And tomorrow night is an exciting one!  It will be our first "party" in our new house.  Actually, it's a taco night.  But lots of friends are coming and we are going to have tons of tacos and margaritas and hang out on the deck and probably play cornhole in the yard.  I am super excited to show all of our friends our house... even though it kind of looks empty right now.  We are still working on getting the furniture we want and decorating.  It will take time and money, but we have a pretty good start, I think! 

In other news, I am continuing on my 100 push up challenge program.  I started only being able to do 7 push ups consecutively.  After two weeks, I could do 22!  That's what I call progress!  

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  1. I agree- we love the Netflix. We still get one DVD though because of the shows they don't have on streaming... however they are stupid and are jacking up prices! I have had Netflix since I lived in Morgantown and I am pissed.