Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beach-y Baking

We are headed to the beach today with Josh's family and friends of family.  yeah, we are leaving in a moment.  Yes, I know it's 5am!  Got to beat the traffic!  Outer Banks!  I baked these goodies for breakfast and snacks on the drive!  I will share recipes when I get back.

These are Pillsbury Funfetti Cookies.  Nothing special, but very cute and very delicious.

I tried an interesting new blueberry muffin recipe.  You make them with yogurt believe it or not. 

Wow.  Look at those beautiful blueberries.
And for Josh's brother, the chocoholic, chocolate chip muffins... you can't really see the chocolate chips but there are a ton of them!  I made these with sour cream!

Tell me that doesn't look amazing?!

I may not be posting a whole lot this week while we are at the beach.  I'm taking a real vacation.  Well, except that my final project for my grad class is due on Monday.  Okay... the vacation starts on Monday.   Have an awesome week!


  1. Try putting chocolate chips in the Funfetti cookies. It is amazing that way.

  2. Mmmm...muffins. So simple to make and such a perfect baked good. Especially with a coffee cake crumb topping. Would you.mind sharing the recipes?

  3. I will share recipes either later this week or when I get back from vacation next week!