Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Weekend of Freedom

Tomorrow is the big day.  School starts again.  On our last weekend of freedom, we were accompanied by my dad and his new girlfriend.  It was the first time that they saw our house, so that's super exciting for us.  We love having visitors!  And even more than that, we love having visitors come back again so they can see our house progress in person.  We went out to lunch at The Shark, my favorite restaurant, also mentioned here.  We spent some time shopping on the boardwalk, laying out at the beach, making awesome dinners, and watching movies.  We even met my Uncle and his daughter yesterday and went to the zoo.  My 7-year-old cousin was the flower girl in our wedding:

What a cutie!

After spending hours at the zoo, the only really great shots I got were not of any zoo animals at all.  I almost stepped on this beautiful butterfly:

And this photo of my cousin pointing to something on the underside of a fake piece of wood:

All in all, we had a great weekend.  My dad also surprised me with a gift he bought in Haiti on his cruise:

A scroll???  Nope....

Some original artwork painted on canvas.  It is really cool, matches some colors in our home, and has music stuff on it.  Not to mention that no one else in the world has it.  I am really excited to get it framed, but have never had anything custom framed before... any suggestions on where to go?


  1. Whoa...not only did I wear feathers in my hair (I had as peacock themed wedding) but my FG wore the SAME EXACT dress as yours! Just in teal!! Good taste ;)

  2. I loved that dress. So cute :-)