Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where Have I Been?!

I have been in a Twilight Zone for the past few days.  Seriously.  Last weekend we traveled to York, PA for a friend's bridal shower.  We were there Friday and Saturday and left Sunday morning.  When I got home on Sunday, I had to unpack, clean, and start my paper for grad school (which is due this evening).  See, I've had the assignment for some time, but you know how it is.  Well, I gathered all research, organized it, and wrote an outline on Sunday night.  Monday I went to school at 8, taught til 4, then started my new after-school program job from 4-6.  Then I came home, made dinner, actually started writing the paper, then had to continue reading my book for book club (Sarah's Key).  Tuesday was the exact same thing as Monday.  Except when I got home around 6, I got ready, went to the grocery store, made dinner, worked on my paper, then read for book club.  Wednesday: school, after-school, then Book Club.  I went to a friend's house for dinner and book-related discussion with a little gossip mixed in (it's a bunch of girls, what do you expect?!)

Today I went to school, came home (no after-school on Thursdays), started getting ready for dinner, continued writing my paper, wrote this post, then I am going to finish writing the paper and edit it quickly, finish dinner (will probably be featured on Tasty Tuesdays next week) and then take my class from 8-10 tonight and submit my paper.

Phew.    I get winded just typing all of that.

Thankfully today was a casual day and the kids were awesome.  Tomorrow is a professional day.  Boring and useless, yes.  But does it take much energy?  Nope.

This weekend I am: relaxing, yard sale-ing, doing some house projects, and going to see The President's Own on Saturday night with friends.

Hopefully life will slow down soon and I will get to post more often.  Have a great Friday :-)

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