Saturday, October 1, 2011

Paint Problems

We suck.  We have never painted before and have never had to choose a color so we are having a hard time.  But I think we finally found one.  Before we announce the winner and actually go buy the paint and paint the dang room, I will show you a history of how we chose the color:

Then, buy some more.

Then, when you have it narrowed down...

Go purchase a sample for $5.

Realize it's wayyy too bright.  Go buy some more samples...

Still a no-go.  Go buy one more.  Except this time the guy at the paint store gives it to you for free because you have been there so many times.

Finally find the right one.  Then realize that if you don't paint tomorrow (Sunday), you will have to do it during the week (which isn't easy).  Or do it this weekend.  Oh yeah, you will be out of town, duh.  Ok.  Next weekend.  Oh yeah.  Out of town then too.  Whoops.  My wall might look like this for a looonnnng time.


  1. LOL, oh noooo! At least the final result will look great, I really like the color you guys ended up choosing!

  2. Don't worry about how bad you "suck." LOL We bought RED paint without primer. 6 coats later, we bumped our table into the wall and the paint just peeled off. Oh well.

  3. Annie! That sucks! Did you try to touch it up at all? Was it successful?