Monday, October 24, 2011

Back in Black

I'mmm back!  Wow, what a long two weeks it has been!  I will give you an update about what has been going on in our crazy lives.

Well, two weekends ago (the 7th-9th) we went to my mom's for the weekend to attend a WVU game.  We left right after work on Friday, got there late on Friday night, woke up really early Saturday, drove to Morgantown, met Josh's family and friends and tailgated before the game.  I didn't actually have a ticket to the game, so when it started, my mom and I decided to go shopping instead!  Morgantown is practically dead during a game, so we were able to drive around town without much traffic.  Updates will come later, because the shopping trip was "home-decor" inspired.

We drove back late Saturday night, hung out, woke up made muffins on Sunday for my mom's 45th birthday and visited for just a little while.  We then drove all the way back to the other side of Maryland and got ready for school on Monday.

Thanks to my new after school program, I am at school every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until around 6pm.  Then I am always rushing home, starting dinner, doing things around the house, and getting ready for school the next day.  That particular week was the week before our best friends Wes and Meghan's wedding.  So they were super busy and didn't have much time to do anything else, so we invited them over to dinner every night!  I made some pretty good recipes (all new ones), so it was nice experimenting with friends.  Next Tuesday's Tasty Tuesday is going to be one of those recipes.

On Thursdays, I don't have after school programs, but I do have grad school.  So I am always busy that night.  Friday I am ready to konk out, but as you know, last weekend we went to a wedding!  The wedding was in Jamestown, NY, near Lake Erie.  We took off work on Friday and drove up really early in the morning.  We left around 6am (which is earlier than I would have woken up had we gone to school!).  We drove the whole 9 hours up to NY and got there around 3pm.  We checked into our hotel, met our friend Amber, from college, and got ready for the rehearsal and dinner.  The rehearsal was great, the dinner was fun, and we went out afterward to a local bar to hang out the night before the wedding.  Unfortunately, the bride, Meghan, was starting to develop a sore throat at that point, so she took it easy, drank water, and just hung out.

The day of the wedding was crazy.  It was pouring down raining ALL day.  It was actually sleeting a different times of the day.  It was 35 degrees and *no joke* there were 60 mph winds.  On top of that, Meghan woke up with strep throat.  Again, no joke.  She was really sick.  The fever-body-aches-chills-raw-throat kind.  Poor girl.  Fortunately, the wedding was beautiful (despite her almost passing out from being so sick) and everything was perfect.  We took pictures, and got in our awesome limo... which promptly got a flat tire.  Yes, seriously.  We spent a good portion of our limo ride in a garage getting our tire fixed.  Wes wanted to go to a local brewery for beer and pictures before the reception.  I will admit, this was a genius idea.  We got photos by the vats and drank some pumpkin beer.  It was awesome.

Once we got to the reception, poor Meghan really didn't feel well.  While I acted like a fool dancing all night, Meghan mostly sat and watched because she was so sick.  I will say that she looked beautiful.  You couldn't tell she was sick.  Except the shivering, the blanket, and the tears :-(  Poor girl.

Then, the worst thing you could ever imagine.  After we all left the reception and went home (hotel) for the night, Meghan's grandfather had a heart attack and passed away.

It was terrible.  But, we have decided to throw them a wedding re-do/party re-do to celebrate, so they can have a happier day together without death or illness.  Here are Meghan & Wes before we went into the reception:

She was so pretty!  You can view the professional photos (all 886 of them) here.

Please pray for them!

We have made LOTS of updates to the house and I am excited to share :-)  Happy Monday!

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