Friday, October 7, 2011

Before and Not-So-After: Other Bathrooms

The people who lived here before us painted almost the entire house in yellows (as you definitely know), tans (seen in the master bedroom, the hallways and foyer, and the laundry room/pantry), and the weird-but-cool green in the kitchen.  But for whatever reason, they chose not to paint the guest bathroom upstairs and the half bath downstairs. I have chosen not to show you the half bath downstairs because it is officially my least favorite room in the entire house.  It's awful, see?

Ignore the flash. I'm crazy.

View from the foyer.

I loathe it so much that I will make a list of the things I hate:
  1. The powder blue paint.  Why did the previous owners leave it this way?!  Not that there's anything wrong with it, per say, but it definitely clashes with the feel of the rest of the house.  And like Michael, an interior designer on The Little Couple said earlier this week, "Why baby blue? They aren't BABIES!"
  2. What is up with that cabinet?  There's no door hardware and there are holes in it!
  3. When we moved in, there was no mirror at all.  We installed that cheap-o $8 mirror from Wal Mart almost immediately.  By the way, I have big plans for that mirror in the future.
  4. The brass fixtures.  The rest of the bathrooms have updated nickel hardware and fixtures, but they left this one.  I find this odd because it is definitely the most-used bathroom when we have company because it is downstairs.
I will admit that I like a few things.  For instance:
  1. The pedestal sink.  I love that sink.  But Josh is not a fan.  More on that below.
  2. The fact that it is small.  Not much to clean or decorate.  By the way--I HATE cleaning bathrooms.  Yuck.
Our vision for this bathroom.  Make it clean and a bit more modern looking.  We love vessel sinks (the kind where the sink bowl is on top of the vanity rather than down inside).  This bathroom is our inspiration (not necessarily color-wise):

We like the simplicity and clean lines.  I would hate to get rid of the pedestal sink, but Josh doesn't like it.  And we both really like the vessel sink.  But that's wayyy in the future.

On to the Guest Bathroom.  It's also baby blue.  Yep.  Crazy.  But we added a bunch of white stuff (curtain, towels, tissue holder, trash can).  I like the cleanliness of its look now.

This bathroom is probably going to be re-done soon.  I can't take the baby blue anymore and our plans for it are much less involved than the bathroom downstairs.  Our inspiration for the upstairs bathroom:


Here is the To-Do List:
  1. Paint the tone-on-tone horizontal stripes with tan and white paint colors (tying in with all of the tan in our foyers and hallways).
  2. Purchase new shower curtain rings (this is on the top of the list!)
  3. Buy/DIY some new art for the walls (I found some awesome flower art at Michael's but didn't buy it.   I will probably go back!)
  4. Add some decor stuff to the sink, toilet, and the little shelf above the vanity.
  5. Raise the shower curtain to give some height to the room (so the horizontal stripes don't weigh it down and make it feel wide and short)
We even brought some paint chips home to try out.  I tried to find a tone of beige that was a lighter version of the beige/tan in the hallways and foyer:

In other news, Josh and I are traveling to Cumberland today after work and staying the weekend with my family.  Josh's family is also going to be there for the WVU game.  I don't actually have a ticket, but my plan is to hit up all of my favorite shopping spots and my favorite sushi place in Morgantown.  I lived there for 5 years and I really miss it a lot.  So I will give up a football game any day to be able to do the things I loved there.  Have a great weekend :-)


  1. Ugh, totally feel you on the bathroom blehs, when we bought our house the previous owners had completely redone the master bath in cedar panelling.. bronzed the outside of the tub (totally ruined it imo)and laid pinkish coloured vinyl tiles.. mmyeah totally not awful *at all* (<--sarcasm)

    So at least you only have paint to really worry about ;)

    Love the stripes by the way- I was entertaining tone on tone stripes for our bathroom, but the ceiling is so low (only about 7') that it would just make the space awkward.

  2. Have you thought about vertical stripes, Martina? I have seen that done well before. It would add some height to the room. Also, is it a full bath? If so, you could always raise the shower curtain to the ceiling to make it look taller (you can find extra long shower curtains on Amazon and some other websites). I am probably going to do that, too.