Friday, October 28, 2011

$50 Night Stands YEAH!

Yesterday I mentioned how our bedroom is about .1% complete.  We have visions of a serene and calm place.  The truth is that we barely go in there.  We sleep there of course, and we go there to change our clothes but that's pretty much it.  We aren't the type to sit in bed and read or watch TV in there during the day or even nap in there.  In fact, if we take a nap (which isn't often) we usually nap on our comfy couches with blankets.  So I am not too worried about making our bedroom "functional" like most of our other rooms.  Instead, I will spend my energy making it feel peaceful and a happy place to lay my head.  Step Two in that process was getting some nightstands.  We haven't had nightstands since we moved in and Josh's side had that tall weird lamp (that we literally found in a dumpster one day and later found out that it is from Target and can be purchased for $60).  All we did was add a bulb!  And I just kept my stuff on the floor.


But we absolutely needed nightstands.  We wanted bigger ones to fill out the space between the bed and the walls.  Plus, I like chunky furniture (sometimes).   We searched and searched.  We really want to buy good furniture.  We want real wood and good quality.  And we are willing to wait until we have the dough to get it.  We are tired of laminate wood and crappy furniture.  So we found some nice nightstands, but even some clearance ones were at least $100 each.  Then, as I was scouring craigslist during my lunch at work, I found the answer.  Some used Ashley Furniture nightstands which were almost like new for $50 each.  Yep.  So we called, met the guy the next morning in a Food Lion parking lot, slipped him the cash and then he was on his way.  Problem:  the stands wouldn't fit into Josh's car.  So we tried mine.  And this was the only solution:


Yes, that is the leg hanging out of my window.  I pulled some sumo-like strength to get my car into drive and hit the road.  We love how they turned out in our room:

We added some old lamps (which I hate, btw) just to finish them off.  Since we were in the mood for sprucing up our room, we added a few more things to make it feel more home-y, too.  Most of these things are temporary, but at least it's a start.

First of all, we hung the TV, put the nightstand under it and put some old decorations on it.

We still need to get the cords behind the wall at some point, but that's for later (probably once we decide to paint).  And my friend Kara gave us her old set of coffee table and end table when she bought new ones.  We are currently using the old end table as a night stand in the guest bedroom and decided we would like to re purpose the coffee table as an end-of-the-bed bench, see?



We just added those pillow and put a little candle-in-bowl thing in the middle for now.  But I would like to eventually paint it and possibly add an upholstered bench seat to it... maybe I will try making one?  We also took this HUGE thing and leaned it against a wall.  It's meant to go on a wall and it might some day, but we wanted it out of the garage, so why not, right?  Plus, we bought it at Bon-Ton for $12 a few years ago and this is the first time we are actually using it.

We are happy with our craigslist purchase and feel sooo much better about having bedroom that feels more like a bedroom than a bed in a room!

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