Thursday, October 27, 2011


We painted the living room!

We went with Tidewater by Sherwin Williams color matched to Olympic Premium No-VOC paint (from Lowe's) in eggshell.  We are pleased with our paint job (which took forever) and are happy with the color.  We did this paint job in tiny steps.  We were so super busy so every night we would only have about 40 minutes or so to paint, so I would do the trim on a wall and a half a night and Josh would roll about two walls per night.  It literally took us about a week.  Here are some in-progress photos:

Josh left me a message :-)

This painting process was a learning process!  Things we learned:
  1. Maria must do the trim and edging.  It is necessary.  She is wayyy too much of a perfectionist to trust anyone else (sorry, hubby).  Also, tape is not allowed.
  2. Josh must use the roller.  It hurts Maria's arms.
  3. Don't ever do it over the course of a week again if you plan to use that room during the process.  Instead, wait until you can schedule a day to do it.
  4. Trust your instincts.  Tidewater was our first choice, but we were scared so we tried a bunch of samples until we got back to our original favorite.
  5. Always buy Olympic No-VOC paint.  It has barely any odor and it's safe.


I bought this at TJ Maxx a few weekends ago when my mom  and I went shopping during a WVU game.

The vase on the left was in a box in the attic.  It's from Kohl's over a year ago.  The one in the middle is my first purchase from Hobby Lobby (awesome store).  And on the right is a wine bottle my friend Meghan gave me.
Bought this cute yellow orchid from TJ Maxx with my mom.

 So, we are happy to have our painting finished and even happier to have some decorations in there (even if it's just a few).  We have big plans for this room in the (hopefully) near future.  Here is the short-list:

  1. Make or buy some curtains with some cool (and hopefully cheap) fabric.
  2. DIY some art for above the couch.
  3. Purchase a small chair for the wall by the staircase.
  4. DIY a frame gallery to encompass the chair.
  5. Buy a floor lamp.
  6. Make or purchase some big art for the other walls. 

 My favorite part of the room is this corner:

I love the contrast of the colors at the bottom of the staircase.  I would love to put a huge sunburst mirror on the aqua wall right there... maybe in the future.

On another note: my baby brother had his first baby this morning.  Pray for little Marrisa's continuing health :-)

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