Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Festivities/Happy Halloween!

I LOVE decorating for holidays/seasons.  The problem is: I don't have any decorations.  And I have never had a house to decorate before.  So, instead of spending a fortune on Halloween/Fall decorations, I will just do a little at a time and over the years I will collect enough stuff.  I am also considering going out tomorrow or later this week and buying up a bunch of clearance stuff and save it for next season.

But for now, here is the cheap-o method of decorating the table.

Take some of these from outside my house...

Not exactly sure what it's called, but it's meant to cover up the ugly electric box thing outside...


And  put them in a vase.  Add berries from the bushes outside, put some candy in a bowl, and buy those little pumpkins from Michael's for $1.50.  TA-DA.


Easy. Cheap.  Happy Halloween!

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