Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She is Framed.

So, since our visit with my dad and his fiance, Terri, we actually framed that canvas painting that they bought us in Haiti while on their cruise.  Framing canvas is tricky and there was no way I was trying it.  Plus, it was a really awkward shape and size and I wasn't about to build a frame.  I had never had anything custom framed before, so I went back to my usual place, Michaels.  I had a coupon for 60% off a custom frame, so I headed up there with my painting and was shocked to find out that even after the discount, it was still nearly $100!  And it was one of the cheapest options! The good thing is that it is made of real wood (most frames that you buy in the store are not) and it is of "gallery quality".  Luckily, dad had offered to pay for the framing once I got it done (thanks, Dad!).  And after about two weeks, she is official-gallery framed and hanging on our wall:


 We weren't exactly sure where to put her, but figured that this was appropriate enough because there was already a nail there and it filled some space above our bed, creating a bedroom which looked about .1% more "finished" than before.  I don't think this will be her permanent home (we have considered the top of the stairs instead of the mirror or in the guest bedroom once we start tackling that). 

We love how authentic it looks and it gives a fun and kind-of-weird touch to our room.  We also thought it was appropriate have the instruments in the background.  And the weird, long, and gangly arms are really neat when you look up close.  It seems like every time I look at it I notice something else.  I am also not so sure why I call her a "she".  There are most obviously men in the picture, but I think she is a she.  What can I say?

Has anyone else ever had anything custom framed?  Did the price shock you too?


  1. I had my diploma done at Michael's with the 60% off coupon. I got the cheapest matte, cheapest frame, but the glareproof glass, and it was still like $150.