Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gallery Wall Part Uno

I have some cool plans for this wall in our living room:

There is such a pretty staircase there and it is totally ruined by the air intake thing-y and the temperature thing-y, too.  I would love to put a small upholstered chair (in a different color than the couches) there to block the air intake thing (but not prevent it from doing its job) and "frame" the chair with a wall gallery of white frames. I have become completely enamored with frame galleries lately.  Here are some of my favorites:


So, I am happy to say that I officially started the process of making that wall "mine".  I ordered this chair for $95 on clearance on Target's website.

Dolce Lounge Chair - Sage

I am excited that it's simple.  And that it's green-ish.  The product reviews are varied.  Some say "it's awesome" and "best chair I ever had".  Some say "hard to assemble" or fabric was ripped".  Well here's what I'm thinking: If I don't like anything about it... I will return it!  We want to incorporate lots of green and white and a little yellow into this room, so this chair is step one.  And lucky for us, many of the reviews say that the chair came in a little more like "green-yellow" than "sage" (which is what it is advertised as).  So, we will see when it is delivered.

Next step:  I gathered all of the frames that I wasn't using at the time and laid them out in a random arrangement:

I was happy.  So I removed all of the art and glass, took the frames outside and spray painted the crap out of them.  I really liked the look of brown and black frames together, but it didn't seem right.  So I went with all white.  I might do a brown-and-black-kind-of-thing upstairs someday.  I decided to label the glass and frames with post-its and permanent black markers.  I gave each one a number so I wouldn't have to spend all day finding out which glass went back into which frame.

After my spray painting job was complete, I found this little white guy:

Guess I sprayed that little spider and didn't even notice it.  He was frozen by the time I got to him.  So, step one is complete.  Next, I have to wait for the chair, arrange the frames on the wall and nail them in, then add art.  I would eventually like to add a floor lamp in that area, too.  One step at a time.

The best part: the wall gallery project has only cost me $8 so far for spray paint because I had all of the frames already.  It is my goal to keep the cost of all of the art under $10.  Think it's possible?  We will see...

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