Friday, June 24, 2011

What is Heck is Wrong With Me?!

I am on summer vacation and I am not blogging like crazy!  Oh yeah... I just moved.

That's right!!! We bought our house, settled, and moved in!  It's the cutest little house I have ever seen in my frikin' life.  I am absolutely in love.  My friend, Annie, jokingly congratulated us, "Congrats on the new house!  Now everything is going to break!".  Well, thanks, Annie.  Our toilet broke on day 7.

It's just a small fix, though.  We have a huge back yard, a bangin' master bathroom, and the cutest kitchen you have ever seen.  All of the following pictures were taken immediately after we signed the papers and before we moved anything in.
Our cute blue house from the front
The old homeowners left us this :-)
Part of the very-yellow living room
Our also-very-yellow dining room with a very pretty chandelier

My favorite room :-)

Some sweeeet appliances!

Pretty master bedroom... with nothing in it

Our awesome master bathroom!

My enormous walk-in closet.  Josh has one, too, but not quite as large :-)

Guest bathroom upstairs.
We also have a laundry room attached to the kitchen, a half bath downstairs and two guest bedrooms upstairs.  I will try to post more photos as we get settled in.  We have very little furniture and it is probably going to stay that way for quite some time, as we have very little money now that we own our home!  I really want to do some little cheap projects around the house.  I will try to update!


  1. I only visited twice..But I can truely say..I love your new house :)

  2. Okay... better the toilet than the hot water heater like ours! ;)

    It's cute! I love it... we will visit soon. LOL