Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays Premiere: Lazy Man's Stuffed Peppers

Well, Lizz, here it is!

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The first Tasty Tuesday post I will do is super simple.  Actually, most of the meals that I make us (me and hubby) are pretty simple.  I am not one for spending the whole day in the kitchen.  Although occasionally I do get the urge to make a more complex dinner.  This dinner was inspired by a recipe I found in Better Homes and Gardens.  Josh typically does not like stuffed peppers. I'm not exactly sure why he doesn't.  The worst part about cooking for us is that we have completely different tastes.  Most people would say that Josh is not a picky eater, but compared to me, he is.  I literally like everything and will try everything (except raw oysters).  But everything else, yep.  I have tried it and I like it.  It's probably one of the only aspects of my everyday life where I am diverse and risky.  

Anyway, I found the article in Better Homes and Gardens and the "stuffing" inside the pepper was made of ground chicken, herb stuffing, tomatoes, and celery, which was instead of the usual ground beef or sausage, rice, tomatoes, etc.  So I got thinking... hmmmm.  Josh likes peppers, he likes stuffing, he likes chicken.  I've got it!

Instead of herb stuffing, I bought chicken.  I used the leftover fried chicken from our The Red Roost dinner.  I just cut that up into chunks.  Josh doesn't like tomatoes or celery, so I didn't use those.  Here are my ingredients:

First, I preheated the oven to 350 degrees.  We decided on one yellow pepper and one green pepper.  I diced up half an onion and sauteed that.  I microwaved one tbsp of butter and 1 cup of water for one minute.  Then I added one cup of chicken stuffing mix and microwaved that for another minute.  Then I added the leftover sauteed onion.  Last, I cut the tops off the peppers and cored them:

I didn't want any of the chicken, so I added half of the stuffing mixture into my pepper, mixed the chicken in, then added that into Josh's pepper.  I replaced the tops of the peppers and put them inside a loaf pan so they wouldn't be wobbling around.

I placed them in the oven just like that for 50 minutes.  Then I took them out, added some shredded cheese (who doesn't like cheese?!) and put them back in on broil for about 5 minutes, uncovered.  They came out like this:

I also reheated some of the leftover broccoli from Josh's mom's dinner at The Red Roost and added that.  

It turned out pretty good and I can honestly say that Josh liked the stuffed peppers.  I know he was dreading it, but it wasn't so bad and it was a piece of cake to make.  Not to mention, it was a cheap-o dinner.  I bought the peppers for around $1.50, the cheese was only a few sprinkles from a large $2 bag, leftover chicken and broccoli ($0), the stuffing was about $1.50, but I only used a third of it and half an onion was probably around $.30.  So all in all, I would say that this dinner cost us around $3 tops.  Not bad, huh? 

Have a beautiful Tasty Tuesday!  


  1. oh my gosh! yum! I'm definitely bookmarking this!

  2. Ashley, you should join and do a a Tasty Tuesdays, too!