Saturday, September 10, 2011

One More Thing Off the List

If you remember in this post and this post, our Pre-Paint process included some very important steps.  I am happy to announce that we have officially crossed all of the things on the list!  The only thing that was left was to mount the TV on the wall.  We did that on Thursday!  Well... we didn't do anything.  Josh and his friend did that for us.  His friend was the same one that helped us install the in-ceiling speakers.  It was a simple project and didn't take long.  They made sure they were finished before the first NFL game of the season.  And then promptly watched the game on our newly-mounted TV:

The picture taken from a phone, which is why it sucks.  The batteries in the (also-kind-of-suck-y) camera died and I haven't bought new ones yet.

So, here is our final Pre-Paint to do list:

  1. Wait for the TV stand to be shipped and make sure we like it and like the color of wood against a teal wall.
  2. Mount our TV on the wall (mounting hardware is already purchased)
  3. Install new in-ceiling speakers.
  4. Run all of the wires through the wall and install all electronics.

YAY!  Now it's time to go pick up paint swatches and see how they look!  I am super excited to paint, too!  I recently helped a friend paint her living room.  It was the first time I had ever touched a paint roller or brush against a wall, so I was naturally a bit nervous to be painting someone else's wall while I was "experimenting". But at the same time I was also happy to be making any first-timer mistakes NOT on my wall.  But it turns out that I actually really enjoy painting and I'm not too bad at it.  Believe it or not, I like doing the corners and edges the best!  Being a Type-A person, I appreciate creating perfect paint lines and actually find it quite exhilarating and "risky" to be painting something permanent right next to something I am not supposed to be painting at all.  Is that weird?  Maybe.  But I am not a risky person at all, so that's about as exciting as I get!

Since I posted my Before and Not-So-After living room post, I have found some excellent teal living room inspiration which I will share soon. Have an awesome weekend!

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