Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crabby Weekend Recap

This weekend my in-laws were here.  We went to our favorite all-you-can-eat crab house, The Red Roost.  It is officially the best crab house I have ever been to and if you are ever on the Eastern Shore, you should probably go (if you like crabs).  It's about 30 minutes away from where we live and pretty much in the middle of nowhere.  You drive and drive and drive in woods and fields and back roads until it appears.  

Yes, it's right there down by the "Chesapeake Forest Lands".  It also happens to be about a quarter of a mile from the Chesapeake Bay, where they catch the crabs.

It's one of those places where they give you tons of stuff to fill up on before they throw a pile of crabs on your table.  But, it's okay because the stuff they give you to fill up on is delicious, too.  We eat it all and it's worth every penny.

From the left: french fries, fried shrimp, clam strips, hush puppies.  In the containers: vinegar, Old Bay, cocktail sauce.  In the top left you can see the beers.  They also serve local microbrews, which is awesome.  

While you are eating those things, they bring out fried chicken (the best you will ever have), and an ear of local sweet corn.  Below is a picture of Josh's dad's excited-ness to see his fried chicken.  By the way, all of this is "all-you-can-eat".  If you want more clam strips, they will bring you as many as you can eat.

Next up is the real reason why we come.  The Maryland blue crabs.  Yeah!

I like to keep a tally on the paper on the table of how many I eat.  I am known to have eating competitions with my boss.  I always win.

So, how was your weekend?!

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