Friday, September 4, 2009

What firedrill...?

It turns out that there is a protocol to the whole fire drill thing.... whoops.

I am currently ending my second week as a teacher.  I was so proud of myself for not crashing and burning in the first 8 days.  I even may have taught a kid or two something about music... not sure yet.  Well... until yesterday.  I had an extra fourth grade class and didn't know what to do with them.  So, I thought a cup passing game would be appropriate.  Since I am traveling room to room (which I LOVE) I would have to move all of the desks in the whole room just to make a circle on the floor.  

Wait!  Light bulb.  Someone told me that no one uses the back playground at our school anymore. Okay, I will take the kids outside.  "Genius, Maria".   We are really getting into the game, making it harder by adding more cup flips and even singing tunes while doing the game, like 'Row, row, row your boat.'  Well, apparently the fire drill went off.  And apparently it doesn't ring outside.  But we could see classes of students quietly walking outside in single file lines... kindergartners!  The teachers are looking at me like "What the heck is she doing?!"

It turns out that the classes are supposed to walk outside to a designated area in a very quiet single file line.  Once in the approriate place, the teacher is to take role with her class list (for good reason)

#1  I wish someone would have told me that
#2 I wish I had heard the firedrill
#3 I wish I hadn't had the kids laughing, screaming, and singing while the whole school is standing in a line watching us
#4 I wish someone had told me I needed my key to get back in the building... yes, locked out, we were.

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