Monday, August 9, 2010

No, Summer, Please Don't Go Away

As I sit here filling out our health insurance forms and such, I am unfortunately reminded that our wonderful summer is coming to an end and we both have to go back to work :-(

I will admit, it was definitely wonderful.  Neither one of us had to do a lick of work, we got married, we went to Mexico, we moved into our (awesome) new home in a new city, we went to the Outer Banks with my family, and we both have (great) JOBS!  So why am I complaining?

It's because I like to wake up in the morning and... relax.  I love to stretch my morning as long as possible with a pot of coffee.  I am currently doing just that.  I sit and think about my day or read a newspaper or magazine or blogs or chat with Josh.  I love eating my breakfast slowly.  Especially if it is 12-grain toast with nutella and blueberries.  Or eggs and bacon.  Or yogurt with granola and peaches.  Or a big buttermilk waffle.  If I wanted to enjoy my morning this much on a school day, I would have to wake up at 4am!

On the flip side, I am psyched to start my new job.  I am so excited to have my own room with my own instruments and my own desk.  I can't wait to meet my little kiddos and have fun.  It's going to be a great year!

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