Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Still Hate Writing Papers...

Last night I had my last online class of my first semester of grad school. 

My group presented on education policy and reform in Chile.  My portion of the presentation was specifically on recent policy and reform in higher education in Chile.  Does this sound boring to you?  It did to me at first, too.  Actually, it wasn't ever really all that exciting.  It just got less and less boring the more involved I got.

My presentation actually went really well and our professor and other students seemed very receptive and asked lots of questions.  That scared me a lot because I was terrified that they would ask something simple and I wouldn't be able to answer it.  But I did okay.

My last paper isn't due until Sunday and we plan on sending it sometime on Saturday.  It's hard to write a 40-page paper with three other people.  It's even harder when those three other people are located in: Chile, Puerto Rico, and New Jersey.  We had a hard time finding a time to Skype because of the time changes and work schedule differences and whatnot. 

So far, I am proud of my research for my portion of the paper.  It is by far the most extensive research I have ever done on my own and I hope I can report it accurately.  I feel like I am "growing up" in the world of writing, researching, and reporting.  If this is all I take out of grad school (even though I know it won't be) I will still be satisfied because that's important stuff, dude!

When this class is over I will have a few days until my next one starts.  During the whole two years that I will be in this program, there will only be about 14 days that I am not actually in a class.  They definitely keep you moving right along in this program.  No summer breaks for me for a while!

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