Thursday, December 1, 2011


Does anyone know what this bush/tree is?  It's the one in the back behind the hydrangeas.  It's really hard to see in this pic.  But we have lived here since June and I can't figure out.  Until recently, it has just been leaves.


But about a month ago, it started sprouting these buds:

And ever since, more and more buds are showing up!  There are probably hundreds on each bush (I have two of them).  But nothing will open!  It's been over a month.  And what kind of thing blooms in late fall/early winter?  Any ideas?  I can't figure it out.


  1. I think they're camellias!

    Thinking of you! Love, vt

  2. When I read your comment my mouth dropped twice. Once when I found out what they were. And again when I saw "vt"!!!!!! I didn't know you read my blog. YAY :-)

    Shoot me an email sometime when you are out my way again! I would love to catch up!

  3. When they bloom, we will find out for sure and I will make an update!