Tuesday, June 15, 2010

11 days... Time Has Passed Quickly... What Have We Been Up To?

Wow, this wedding is really creeping up.  We are almost finished with everything.  Just a few little details: finish place cards, have programs printed.  Done.

We have been so busy lately.  My last day of school with students was Wed, June 2.  I went to my dress fitting that evening in Cumberland to find out that it still doesn't fit right.  Then I went and visited my pap for the last time.  That was hard.  I went to school on Thursday for in service... AKA sit around and do nothing.  So I took Friday off and got ready for my bachelorette weekend!

We went to Deep Creek Lake and staying in a beautiful little cabin.  We had a wine tasting, relaxed in the hot tub, went out to dinner, and just hung out.  It was really nice.

We got back on Sunday and that night in the middle of the night, my pap passed away.  So I left Monday afternoon and went home to Cumberland. 

I spent the entire day on Tuesday with my grandma.  We went shopping and picked out some outfits for her for the funeral and viewing and whatnot.  We greeted the people who came by with meat trays (4 of them!) and answered calls and made important calls.

Wednesday was the viewing.  It was really nice and lots of Pap's old friends from work showed up.  It was nice for my grandma to see how many people loved him.

Thursday we drove to Altoona.  My grandparents purchased burial plots there in the 60's, so we had the funeral there.  I spoke and it was really scary, but turned out really nice, too.

My mom and I finished some wedding stuff in Cumberland on Friday and then Josh and I drove back to Morgantown.

Saturday we went to Glen and Annie's wedding and we had so much fun!  I was so excited for them and they will get to share our day with us soon!  A picture of a bunch of friends at their wedding:

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