Friday, June 18, 2010

My Fourth Confession!

I have yet another confession to make...

I am SCARED TO DEATH to walk down the aisle!!!

Let me make myself clear...

1. I am so very happy to (almost) finally be married to my (future) husband.

2. I am so excited to finally have the wedding day I have been planning for.

3. Just thinking about the cake, dancing, flowers, family, friends, etc. makes the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter.


The idea of everyone looking at me all at once scares the pants off of me!  What if I cry?  What if I sneeze?  What if I fart? What if I get so consumed with everyone else looking at me that I forget why I am here?  What if I laugh (which I often do when I am nervous)?  What if I drop my bouquet?  What if I trip and fall on my face?  And my nose bleeds onto my new, expensive, white dress...?

Wait.  This is ridiculous.  I am probably going to come through those doors with my dad, see Josh, and forget that everyone else is there.  I will be so happy that I am walking toward my future husband that I will have a huge, genuine smile on my face and be so excited to marry my best friend.

...just pray that I don't trip.

1 comment:

  1. It's okay... you know that I cried like a little baby and got a bunch of awful pictures as a result of it. LOL