Monday, June 21, 2010

5 days :-)

It's so weird to believe that I am getting married in 5 days.  Actually... scratch that.  It's not weird that I am getting married.  It's weird that the day creeped up and it's only 5 days away!

Today some of my bridesmaids are coming over to finish the programs.  We have to fold 150 pieces of paper and 150 pieces of card stock, put them together, and tie 150 ribbons on them!  WOAH.  But then... guess what?  I. AM. FINISHED.  It is literally the last wedding "thing" on the list.  That itself feels very weird!

So excited!


  1. That is sooo cool! I bet it's a fantastic feeling to have all the logistics behind you and you can just enjoy the excitment and the love of next few days.

  2. It's so cool! You're right. It feels so weird, though. But wonderful and relaxing at the same tine!

  3. 05 days !!! How exciting.
    Have fun with your bridesmaids.