Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day! & A Vent That I Have Been Waiting to Let Out...

Usually I hate hump day.  Today it was my reminder that at exactly 12pm, the week is half way over.  It is amazing how much I need this Thanksgiving break.  I REALLY want to sleep in on a weekday.  Don't ask me why... I just do.  I would also like another fog delay... that would be terrific.

On to bigger things...  I have a vent that I am going to express.  Ready, here I go.  I love the Duggars:

They are the family from the show, 19 Kids & Counting on TLC (in case you didn't already know).  Some little factoids: Yes, they have 19 children.  And one of their kids is married with a kid and a kid on the way.  They do not take birth control for religious reasons.  The girls only wear skirts and dresses.  Their television and internet is very limited and restricted.  They all live in the same house and they all pitch in and keep it running.  They are homeschooled.  They often taken mission trips and volunteer.  They own commercial properties and the dad, Jim Bob, was formerly a state legislator in Arkansas.  The mom, Michelle, delivered every child.  She also contracted eclampsia in her last pregnancy and was forced to deliver very early.  The baby was born very premature and almost didn't make it.  Some people say it is because she is getting too old to have babies (she is now 44), but no one really knows for sure.  They say that they will welcome another child if they get pregnant again.

They get a lot of criticism when it comes to their lifestyle and the way they are raising their kids.  Many people say they are crazy for having so many kids.  Many say they are neglecting their kids because they have so many.  Many people say they shouldn't have more.  Or that they are using our tax dollars to raise so many kids.  Or that they are too conservative.  Or that their kids should be exposed to more socialization. And many, many more things.

Here is my vent: for some odd reason, I feel offended by these statements.  I don't know why, especially because I have no desire to live a lifestyle like theirs.  But here's my point of view:  Who are they hurting?  You? Probably not.  Their kids?  Nope.  Their kids are VERY happy and lead productive lifestyles and are good people.  Themselves?  Nope.  They are happy, too.  So what's the flippin' deal?  Should we go out and criticize every woman who delivers prematurely and say she should never have a baby again?  That's ridiculous.  They are doing well financially because they are responsible and are great money savers!  They are very protective because they see what the world is like!  And I think they are right!  And it just goes to show.  Watch an episode some day.  They are possibly the happiest family in America, and they aren't hurting anyone!  What's wrong with that?


  1. They are an amazing family! I don't understand how people can criticize them when they are so obviously a wholesome caring family.

    No, I would not have that many kids but just look at them, they're awesome!

  2. I came across your blog from weddingbee :-)

    I've never watched "19 Kids and Counting" (though I have a couple friends who talk about them a lot) but I definitely get what you mean by getting offended by those sorts of comments. I grew up in a family of seven kids (homeschooled as well) and have encountered similar comments. Although I don't think I'd want to give birth nineteen times (ouch...) I feel like there's a huge lack of value for kids in our culture. It's frustrating.