Tuesday, November 30, 2010


...is one of my least favorite holidays.  Turkey isn't really my thing.  But I do like pies :-)

Last Tuesday I woke up late and super sick.  It was literally the worst sinus infection EVER!  I got to school, walked right to the assistant principal's office and told her I had to go home.  It was that bad.  And people, I have great work ethic.  So that should tell you that I was really sick.  I went home and napped on the couch for hours!

When I got up, I was feeling a little better, so I packed my stuff and straightened the house up.  When Josh got home, we hopped in the car and drove to Cumberland for the holiday.  It only took about 4 1/2 hours, which is a little less than usual.  But it felt like the longest ever because I couldn't breathe!

We spent all of our time (from Tuesday night to Saturday morning) just visiting and spending time with family.  It was really nice. Our dinner was delicious and we had lots of people visiting.  It was also our first holiday without my pap, which I thought would seem really weird.  It was only like that when I was thinking about it.  The rest of the time was just happy and relaxing and fun!

I feel so much better now and so does Josh.  We came back Saturday and ran lots of errands.  We also hit up my favorite restaurant in Salisbury called Fratelli's:

It is the best Italian restaurant I have ever been to.  They make the best crab cakes I have ever had and they make all of their pasta homemade in the store.  They (the owners) are Greek.  I know, weird.

We bought our first Christmas tree and set it up.  We are going to decorate it tonight and I am sooooo excited!  I am seriously in the most Christmasy-wintery spirit this year!  Do you like my snowy blog background?

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