Monday, November 1, 2010

November Already!

I officially applied to grad school at the University of Illinois.  I found a great online asters program in Global Education Studies.  Basically I would study education policies and procedures internationally and research why certain policies and curriculums are more successful than others and how to incorporate or supplement my own curriculum with their successes.  My ultimate goal is to serve as a leader in my county or state on evaluation of effective teachers.  

Now for my November goals:
  1. More sweaters!
  2. Bring out the electric blanket.
  3. Bake more pies
  4. Make lots of soups.
  5. Go on walks and take more pictures of leaves.
  6. Get in to grad school!!
  7. Wear fuzzy slippers around the house.
  8. Secretly shop for Christmas stuff... don't worry, I won't decorate until after Thanksgiving.
  9. Take more yoga classes.
  10. Make our first family Christmas cards :-)


  1. Kevin thought I was crazy for wanting to send out a Christmas card. He said we never had before and I told him "That's because we weren't married!" Haha.

  2. Ah! Josh said the same thing! He thought it was silly but I don't care. I really want to do it!