Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Night Before His First Program

Josh's first school program is tonight.  He is super excited and nervous and I am too!  His whole fourth grade is performing.  Students are reading The Night Before Christmas as narrators and every few stanzas a different class will perform a song.  Most of them were written or adapted by Josh, me, and his students to fit the story. 

One of the classes is even performing a longways set dance as the "reindeer" on the sleigh.  They will be wearing reindeer antlers with bells!  All of the other kids are going to be wearing "Christmas Eve" attire.  A.K.A. Pajamas.  It should be super cute. 

Programs are scary and nerve-wracking.  We, as teachers, get all worked up and try to make everything perfect for a bunch of 6 year olds!  They end up performing a stellar program full of great musicianship (especially for little kids). Meanwhile, all the parents remember is the cute kid in the front who just stood there and waved to his mom.  I will have to remind myself of that in two weeks for my program!

Wish us luck!

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