Thursday, February 2, 2012

Resolution Challenge 2012: February

In my last post, I mentioned my resolution challenge for this year.  Basically, each month I am going to try and have small resolutions that will eventually be carried out through life to some degree.  My challenges for January were:
  1. Floss every night.
  2. Take a multi-vitamin every day.
  3. Do not watch TV in bed at all.
I was 100% successful with both flossing and TV, but I did miss a multi-vitamin on Jan 28.  It was my dad's wedding day, believe it or not, and I was busy and totally forgot.  But overall, I am pretty happy with my success.  I am going to continue flossing every night and I am going to continue taking a vitamin every day.  I am going to read more often in bed and just go to sleep more often in bed, but I can't promise to never watch TV again.  And although I could have watched it last night (February 1), I chose to read instead :-)

Here are my plans for February:
  1. During dinnertime and after: I will only eat until I am not hungry anymore.  Then I will stop.  I will only eat again (snack) if I get hungry.  I have the hardest time with over-eating.  Only with dinner.  For breakfast, I usually eat cereal, oatmeal, or toast with nutella and fruit.  For lunch, it's leftovers (if I have them) or maybe a salad or half of a sandwich.  I usually bring some sort of fruit and always yogurt.  But for dinner, I seem to always over eat, and then I snack later.  This is going to be the hardest challenge of a lifetime!!!!!
  2. I am not going to eat fast food once during the entire month of February.  I typically don't eat fast food.  But every once in a while (maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks) is it just more convenient.  And I usually end up at Taco Bell.  Yeah, well, not this month!
Wish me luck!

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