Thursday, March 1, 2012

Resolution Challenge 2012: March

Yeah, yeah.  Don't get on me for the lack of blogging.  Anyway, if I updated you on my life, it would look like this (every single day):

I go to work.  I go to work again (after-school program).  I work again (teach piano lessons).  I write lots of papers (for grad school).  I make dinner (occasionally).  I read lots of boring books and articles (for grad school).  Sometimes I talk to my husband.  I rarely sleep.

Yeah, not so good.  But I am still working on my resolution challenge, so I thought I would at least blog about it to help keep myself accountable.

In February, I promised not to eat fast food.  And I didn't.  I also said I was going to try to eat a much smaller portion of dinner and not again unless I was hungry.  I am happy to report that I was 95% successful.  One time I got a second helping of dinner (it was so good) and another time my sister and her friends came to visit (which was amazing) and we had a girls/snack food night.  It broke my rule and it was totally worth it.

For March, I have decided to start on March 2.  Because I have been up until 3am the last few nights working on grad school stuff and I am taking a friggin' day off.  I deserve it.  Really, I am not taking a whole day off.  I at work right now (my lunch break) and then I still teach my after school program, then I am making dinner.  But anyway...

Starting tomorrow on March 2:
--Wake up every weekday early enough to do 15 minutes of pilates BEFORE school.  This is going to be HARD.  I mean HAAAARDDDD.  I am not a morning person.  At all.

--Do at least 30 uninterrupted minutes of grad school work every single day.  Lots of days I will do more than 30.  But I can never take a day off.  If I do, I will get behind again and never sleep until December 2012.

--No junk food whatsoever.  Ever.  This includes: potato chips, soda, and all sweets.  If I want a snack, I will have to have fruit, veggies, popcorn (this is healthy without butter), crackers, or cheese.

I am definitely setting myself up for failure.  HAHA.  But I'm gonna try real hard!


  1. Our trip was the best thing ever! I had so much fun and can't wait to see your beautiful face again! muah, love you! MERP

  2. What were your April and May resolutions?