Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Spoke Too Soon

Well, soon after I last posted, it DID start snowing.  A LOT.  We now have about a foot and a half and it's still coming down.  Thank God I don't have to go anywhere.

So Josh and I are both officially unemployed in June.  We are in the process of searching for jobs... everywhere.  We are looking in WV, MD, PA, VA, DC.  And maybe Hawaii--in my dreams.

We will go wherever we can get jobs in the same location.  An ideal location would be in the Hagerstown/Frederick area.  It is about halfway between both of our families, which would be nice.  But who knows... no one is really posting jobs yet.  We are keeping our eyes open.

Today, however, we are stuck inside cleaning, cooking, and watching movies.  Oh, the busy life... :-)

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