Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I am hosting my first hostess party. This is totally unlike me.  I love hosting parties, but I don't like marketing.  It is company called Premier Jewelry.  These are the reasons why I am hosting it:

-My great friend, Tiff, is a saleswoman.  She practically convinced me.
-Premier is a Christian company who recieves all of the income, takes what they absolutely need to keep the business running, and then donates the rest to charities and missionaries.
-Tiff is letting me host at HER apartment.  Mine is way too small!
-All Premier Jewelry has a lifetime guarantee!
-I actually like the jewelry!
-Believe it or not, it sort of benefits me in the way or free jewelry.
-I want to help my friend get her business started.
-I am going to bake some nice snacks for the party and I LOVE cooking for other people.

The party is Sat, Feb. 13 in Cheat Lake.  I will be sending Evites out soon.  If you want to come, just let me know :-) 

Premier Jewlery's Website.

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