Monday, February 22, 2010

Job Hunting is a B*#@h!!!

What's the only thing harder than searching for one job???

...Searching for two jobs.

WANTED:  Two decent and permanent music jobs.  Preferably high school and elementary school.  Definitely in the same general location.  Somewhere in MD, VA, or PA would be nice.  As soon as possible would make me feel much better.

Why does every county, state, district, website have a different application process???  Just applying in general is a pain.  It takes FOREVER to do the same thing... over and over and over.

If I am ever president---first, there would be no war.  Second, there would be only ONE website for every single job description.  On that website would be the application and job postings.  If you are hiring for that job, anywhere in the US, you must post the job on that website and that website ONLY.  That way they know that everyone who is looking for them will see them, and everyone who is looking for that job will see it.  WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT?

Wow, I really needed to vent.


  1. Hey, have you checked out I remember signing up for that and there was always a lot of stuff on there, especially in MD.
    Will you be at the workshop this weekend?

  2. Oh P.S. and if you're interested in Delaware, their site is statewide so it's easy- may not hurt to put up a profile.

  3. Thanks, Annie! I am on They do post a good bit of stuff.

    I don't think I am going to be at the workshop... I WISH. I have to take the PPST!!!! HAHA. I STILL have not done that.