Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Origami Adventure

I got interested in Origami last fall sometime.  So, my mom bought me a book of origami for Xmas.  I started immediately.

Note:  All of the following works of art are made completely of folding techniques and paper construction.  No scissors, glue, tape, etc. was used... not even once.

This is my first project.  The ever-classic paper crane.  Pretty easy to make.

My second project: Also a classic design, but pretty difficult to fold.  There are lots of teeny tiny folds involved.  A purple lily.

FAST FORWARD---And last, but not least, my latest paper-folding project.  Modular origami breaks some rules of origami by combining several identical pieces to create one spectacular model. A modular star:



I wish I could have used a different color, but it took about 8 sheets of paper total and all I had was white.  The folding of the 30 individual pieces was fairly simple, just time consuming.  The construction of all thirty into this model took about 2 hours and many curse words.

I will update with more creations as they come :-)

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