Thursday, February 17, 2011

TGI (almost) F

This was the LONGEST week of my life!

Okay, this literally happened:  It was Tuesday afternoon and as I was eating lunch in the teachers' lounge I thought to myself, "Thank God it's Friday.  I really need a weekend."  It was almost an hour later when I realized it was only Tuesday!!!!  ahh.

It's FINALLY almost Friday.  It truthfully was a good week, though. Not stressful or anything.  Just felt long.  It could be because I am trying this new thing called NOT watching TV.  I told myself that I would only watch my 3 favorite shows this week and other than that--I wouldn't even hit the power button.  Not even while I am in bed.  I am always staying up too late because the TV is on.  So this week I would read for grad school instead and I would be so bored out of my mind that I would eventually just turn the light off and sleep.

Who knew that less TV would equal more sleep?!

Josh and I are going to view another property this weekend. It's a little further away from Josh's job, but we really like it so far and hope it's as nice when we get there.  We viewed another property already and had some bad luck when it came to moving forward.  So we are trying again!  I will try to keep you updated.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 degrees and it is casual day!  As soon as I get home from work, I am going on a run outside.  I started running again after the shin splint issue and the worst flu of my life.  Damn flu shots are a waste of money.  So I am still working on increasing my mileage.  We will see!

Have an AWESOME-LONG-WARM weekend!

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  1. I thought yesterday was Friday. This has been the longest week EVERRRR