Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are They Allowed To Do That?!?!

This morning, I was so excited to see my little kindergartners.  I only have one more class left with them and then I will never get to see them again!  So I had the most beautiful and fun songs and games to play with them.  I even planned to take them outside and have music in the sun! 

So I walk down to their room to pick them up and take them outside with music and instruments.  They are all dressed up and all of their parents are in their classroom taking pictures.  They are apparently having an Author's Tea.  Whatever that is...

I walked in with a surprised face to see all of the parents and the kids dressed up on a little stage.  Their teacher says these exact words to me in front of all of the kids' parents, "OH!  No music today!  You have a free period!"  

So, in front of the parents, I yelled back across the room, "OH!  I was unaware that there would be an Author's Tea this morning.  I planned for a music class."  She says, "Well, you can stay and sing the songs with us..."  Me: "No thanks."

Argh. Are they allowed to do that?  I would NEVER take a WHOLE class out of their classroom without any notice.  Why do they think that their class is more important than mine?  This is almost the last time that I will ever see them.  In addition,  I have a degree to be their teacher... just like she does. 

I am sure that their Author's Tea is going to be adorable and wonderful for the kids and parents, but she could have asked me and not told me.  And she could have done it a month ago. 

It honestly hurts my feelings that some teachers believe that we (specials teachers) are there to just babysit their kids when it is convenient for them.  Again, I became a teacher to teach children about music.  Not to just go wherever they need me for whomever need a plan period.

Sorry, if you know me well enough, you will know that I am a complainer by nature.  You can ignore me if you wish. 

I feel like I need to say something happy.  I heard on K-LOVE this morning about what some people say to themselves when they wake up.  Please watch this little girl give herself a morning pep talk.  Click on Jessica's Daily Affirmation.

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  1. wow i feel your pain. my mom is a music teacher as well and she constantly has the same complaints - she has the worst classroom (and smallest) in the school, has other teachers take the kids out of her class for other obligations "it's just music class" - argh! keep at it, you are making such a huge difference in these kids' lives!!