Saturday, May 22, 2010

I wake up every morning in a bed that's too small. Drive my daughter to a school that's too expensive and then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little. But on pretzel day....Well, I like pretzel day.

Today was pretzel day!  My mom mentioned that she would like to have chocolate dipped pretzel rods at the bridal shower.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to jump into a project!  My friend, Annie, also had these at her shower and they turned out great!  I knew it would be tons of fun.

Lauren came over this morning to get started.  Our supplies:

We decided on white chocolate, dark chocolate, pink (white) chocolate, and milk chocolate.  We heated up the chocolates in the microwave and on the stove and poured out all of the sprinkles onto plates:

We dipped the pretzels in the melted chocolate, rolled them in the sprinkles, and laid them out on cookie sheets.  We tried to mix up the chocolate and sprinkle combinations as much as possible.  We made 90 total:

Then we wrapped them all up into cute little baggies and we will stick them in the favor bags tomorrow!  I will be sure to take photos at the bridal shower to share!

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