Friday, September 17, 2010


Today is Friday.  I have my first sickness of the year.  Three weeks of school are finished.  So far I am loving my job... except for being sick.  I am washing my hands a lot--I promise!

We had Tuesday off this week because of Election Day.  I came back to school on Wednesday to hear a Sam's Club representative on the announcements give away $100 gift cards for Teacher Appreciation.  My name was drawn.  Awesome!  They came to give me my gift card and took my picture with my principal.  Coincidentally--before they drew my name from the hat--they asked my principal to nominate a teacher for Teacher of the Year to apply for more hundreds of dollars.  And my principal nominated me!!!  WOW.  He has only known me for a few weeks.  I have my own ideas as to why he chose me... like moving my room and me being a good sport... or something like that.

Also--just a few minutes after this... I get my very first paycheck of the YEAR!!!  And Josh does too!!!  YEAH!

Now it's the weekend.  We are going out to dinner with my aunt and uncle who are in town.  Then I am going to crash because I am tired and sick.

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