Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oprah, Michelle Rhee, The Today Show, & Waiting for Superman

It would take me forever to describe what happened this week on Oprah.  It was absolutely life-changing. Check it out for yourself:

Things I Want You to Know:
  1. Go see the movie, Waiting for Superman, the movie.  It IS the most important movie of the year.
  2. Read Oprah's Lessons in Education page and watch the videos.
  3. Learn about The Shocking State of Our Schools and find out what Michelle Rhee is doing about it.

NBC's Today Show visited Josh's School last week!  Ann Curry came to visit and do a special taping of a school that is "Doing What Works".  It will be featured next week on the Today Show's Education Nation Week.  Here are some articles from Worcester County Public Schools and Delmarva Now, our local newspaper, highlighting Ann Curry's trip to the eastern shore!

Ann Curry with a few of Josh's students 

Watch the Today Show on Wednesday to see Josh's School, Pocomoke Middle!

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